Travelling on a Replacement Ticket

Please follow these instructions if you are travelling onboard trains with a replacement ticket (ie you have lost your original ticket).

Ensure you have your replacement ticket and your matching identity document with you. These must be originals.

1. Inform a member of train crew that you are travelling with a replacement ticket.
Ideally this will be the chief conductor (列车长), who will be in charge of the train.

In Chinese characters, to inform them you are travelling on a replacement ticket, show them this:

2. On some trains, the chief conductor will come to you. On other trains, you will often have to go to the chief conductor himself / herself.

Approach the chief conductor in all cases, who should usually be in Car 5 (8-car trains) or Car 9 (16-car trains), no longer than 20 minutes following departure if you have not yet been served in any way.

3. Present the replacement ticket to the chief conductor and ask for a travel record.

In Chinese characters, to inform them you are requesting a travel record, show them this:

This service is free, but you must present your ticket and matching identity document (originals only).

4. On some trains, the travel record will be retained by the chief conductor until your exit station. On other trains, you will be given your ticket, ID, and Travel Record back.

If the chief conductor has taken temporary possession of your Travel Record, he or she should be able to hand this back to you just before your exit station.

If you want to inform them you will be off at the next stop (and that the chief conductor still has your travel record, show train crew this:

5. If the travel record is still with the chief conductor, this will usually be handed to platform staff for a second signature before it is handed back to you. Otherwise, you may head directly to the exit at your exit station with the travel record on you.

Ensure you have all belongings with you — ticket, ID, travel record, and all belongings, including mobile phones, power packs or chargers, cameras, eyeglasses, and all bags.

6. Proceed to the ticket office and go to the specific counter for refunds.

This will be shown in Chinese using the characters “退票”.

You may need to undergo security checks even if you are just going to the ticket office.

7. Ask for your money back.

Present your ticket, matching identity document, and travel evidence (all originals only).

In Chinese characters, to inform them you are requesting your money back after travelling on a replacement ticket (and you accept the handling charge), show them this:


  • This must be done within 24 hours after your arrival
  • No other station, except for your exit station, can deal with this request
  • You will be charged a RMB 2.— handling fee only
  • Your ticket will not be returned to you
  • Ensure you have handling fee receipt (退票收据)

Check all change and receipts. Ensure you have all belongings with you (ticket, ID, bags).

8. Exit the station onward to your final destination.

That’s it — you’ve just completed a trip on a replacement ticket. Be sure not to lose your ticket for next time!

Important Information
You might be subject to more detailed checks if travelling on a replacement ticket.
This is so the railways can stop any abuse of this system, since technically two tickets will have been issued for the same seat on the same train.

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