Ticket and ID Check Requirement

Most stations require you to go through Ticket & ID Check first before undergoing security check and being admitted to ticket gates. Other stations will either check your ID at the gates or have a different arrangement. To quickly clear these checks, always have your ticket and matching ID with you in an easily reachable location on you.

To ensure you can pickup your ticket and clear Ticket & ID Check the quickest, always purchase tickets using your real name. You will run into issues if you use an unregistered, fake name — you could be denied travel.

Missing valid ID? Arrive at your station early and go to the Railway Police ID Services counter for temporary passenger ID. Bring supporting evidence and a photograph. This is especially to be done if Ticket & ID Check do not allow you to continue due to missing documents.

Please present your ticket and matching ID (originals only) to Ticket & ID check staff. If your documents match, Ticket & ID Check staff will return your documents (and, in some stations, stamp your ticket) to permit you to continue. Keep your ticket and ID in a safe place. Ticket checks will also occur onboard and at your exit station.

Railway regulations regard the use of ID or tickets from a third party as travelling without a valid ticket. Holders of counterfeit ID may face prosecution. Please do not challenge the law!

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