Using Ticket Gates

Please use automated ticket gates the right way to ensure you and other passengers pass through as quickly as possible. If you have a pink ticket, please let gate staff check your ticket instead.

  • Before using the ticket gates, double check your train info. Ensure you are at the right gate and that boarding has begun for your train.
  • Operate gates from behind the yellow line. Don’t jump ticket gates or use gates not in service.
  • Please let the passenger in front of you pass through first before inserting your ticket or touching your Express Card on the processor. Use wide gates if you are carrying large items.
  • Passengers with children, please let children pass first (with the adult following immediately afterwards) or hold your child in your arms when clearing the gates.
  • Insert your train ticket blue side up. Make sure to use only one ticket. If you hold a pink paper ticket, please let gate staff check your ticket in person to be admitted for boarding.
  • If your ticket is rejected, see station staff. Back out quickly from the ticket gates.
  • If the machine successfully check you in, your ticket will pop out from a separate slot on top of the machine. Take your ticket to open the gate. (Generally, the machine doesn’t hold your ticket, even if is just validating your exit, or you insert an invalid ticket.)
  • When using Railway ExpressPay contactless cards (or valid Chinese ID cards with a booked e-ticket), touch and hold your card at the designated “touch here” spot. If problems occur, see staff. When the gates open, take your card and pass through.

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