Travel on China Railways for Students

These rules apply for the following types of educational institutes only:

Primary schools
Secondary schools (including vocational, professional, and technical schools)
Military schools

They further apply to the following students only (they must study at one of the above educational institutes):

Mainland Chinese students
Students from Hong Kong, Macao, or Taiwan
Overseas Chinese students who must hold Chinese nationality

In addition, the student must generally not be earning income and be studying away from family, and not have any one of the below disqualifying factors:

Studying or living with a parent
Student not currently studying
Travels to or from a place of internship
Students whom have yet to complete semester registration procedures
Students holding discount documentation that does not have a seal
Students not having a Student Rail Ticket Discount Card, or one that is defective or contains mismatching information

Qualifying students benefit from the following:

Four discounted single journey tickets from school to home (or the other way; the discounts are always half-price tickets).
Discounts valid for Hard Seat travel, as well as upgrades to a faster regular rail train, and any air conditioning surcharge.
If travelling on CRH trains, only Second Class discounted travel is available, and only 25% of a regular Second Class ticket is taken away as a discount.

Usually, Chinese student ID cards will include the Student Rail Ticket Discount Card. Students can also use their enrolment notification letter or diploma to buy tickets, but each can only be used once, and for one single ticket per document only.

Any ticket issued will automatically default to the fastest service with least interchanges (where this applies). If you want to travel around the country, you’ll have to do this using full-fare tickets.

Students can use their Student ID or government-recognised ID to buy tickets. For primary school students, documentation issued by their school with an official stamp are also accepted.

Unfortunately, international students without Chinese citizenship are not likely to qualify.

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