Platform Tickets

Visitors seeing off or picking up passengers require a platform ticket. The platform ticket may be used only once on the date of issue. Platform tickets cannot be refunded, and are in general not valid for boarding trains.

Some people may be waived of the platform ticket requirement.
Children less than 120 centimetres (3 feet 11 ¼ inches) in height (if entering with adults) and passengers with special permission may enter without a platform ticket.

No platform tickets may be issued for CRH trains.
As a rule, platform tickets are not available for CRH trains. They may also be restricted in availability for stations where personal ticketing is practiced.

You may be required to present a train ticket.
For all other (ie non-CRH) trains, a valid train ticket may need be presented, depending on the station. Only one platform ticket is available per valid train ticket.
Important: Some stations make a distinction between different platform tickets for arrivals or departures purposes. Staff will need to see evidence of a train ticket if you purchase a platform ticket for departures purposes. For arrivals, you will need to tell ticketing staff the train number for which you need platform access (if you are, for example, meeting someone on the platform or picking them up from the station). Also note that station masters may suspend the sales of platform tickets under special circumstances.

Gaining station access using your platform ticket
At Ticket and ID Check, present your platform ticket to gain access.

Consequences if you do not obey platform ticket rules
Visitors who enter stations without permission may need to pay the price of two such tickets if they are without a platform ticket.

Stations without platform tickets
At stations which do not offer platform tickets, station staff may be contacted if assistance is needed.

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