Pay Upon Arrival on China Railways

Most passengers won’t have to use this service, as they will have been travelling with a valid ticket throughout their entire journey, or no later than getting board will they have gotten themselves one.

You might only need to use Pay Upon Arrival, if:

  • you have gotten onboard at an unstaffed halt (or a very small railway station) where ticketing facilities of any kind, staffed or automated, were not available or in a usable state
  • you extended your trip without informing train crew, or you attempted to do so but rail crew as not available
  • you had a special situation where you were told by train crew to use Pay Upon Arrival (rare)
  • through to the point of your arrival, you have never been issued with any ticket at all, and you have never been served or met any member of staff at all (warning: if you intentionally / actively evade train crew, you might be seen as attempting ticketless travel, for which there might be rather severe consequences!)

Buying tickets there will incur a general handling fee (currently ¥2.—) per ticket.

Some of the Pay Upon Arrival counters also double as a ticket office for onward connections. Please check to see if this is the case at your station.

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