Making Sense of Your Chinese Railway Ticket

Chinese railway tickets are generally issued in Chinese only. This makes sense, however, since locals account for the vast majority of passengers. Fortunately, help is at hand here for those of us with language difficulties.

This sample ticket used is in blue, but pink tickets will have the same layout. Remember to only insert blue ticket into automated ticket gates, as pink tickets will have to be validated by hand.

Desktop and laptop users: Hover over the “i” (info) icon.
Mobile and tablet users: Tap on the “i” (info) icon.
To make a tooltip go away in full, click or tap on a part of the blue ticket that does not have an “i” icon.

The above image is interactive.

You might also see any of the following Chinese characters on the ticket:

  • Characters ending with 验证: Designated Ticket & ID Validation at Stated Station Only.
    These are very rare, but in the event you get one of these, you must travel to the designated station to complete Ticket & ID Check procedures.
  • 候车地点: Wait For Train Here.
    This will also show your specific location in Chinese.

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