Check You Have a Genuine China Railways Ticket

There are several ways to check if your ticket is genuine:

  • By ticket holder information. Your name and ID number must be the same as that which appears in your qualifying identity document used to buy your ticket in the first place.
  • The ink must not smear. Also, make sure fonts used are largely uniform. (On Tracking China, we have deliberately used nonstandard fonts to foil any attempts at producing counterfeit tickets.)
  • Check ticket numbers. The last seven digits or numbers of both the abbreviated ticket number (in red, on the top left hand corner of the ticket) and the full 21-digit ticket number (in black, on the lower left hand corner) must be the same. In the case they are off by more than 1 (sometimes, errors do happen), then you might have a counterfeit ticket.

These do not apply to tickets used on journeys exclusively on Line S2 of the Beijing Suburban Railway, or in any city metro system.

Always ask a member of staff or a rail police officer if you are in doubt. It is against the law to travel on any forged documentation — be that a ticket, an ID document, or both.

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