Consequences of Fare Evasion on China Railways

The railways are cracking down on fare evasion. It simply is not worth it — and will dent your credit record.

According to Article 44 of the Railway Passenger Transport Ordinance, you will be regarded as travelling without a valid ticket (or travel in contravention to the regulations) if you:

  • are travelling without a valid ticket — you will be charged beginning from the station you joined the train, or if your boarding station is not clear, from the origin station of the train service
  • hold a counterfeit or altered ticket — the above will apply in addition to you being referred to the police
  • board the train without a ticket, and fail to inform a member of staff about this within 20 minutes following departure (this is dealt with more seriously if you avoided contact than if the member of staff was too busy)
  • travel in a higher class of travel than your ticket permits you to — in this case you will need to pay the difference in class and price over that distance
  • travel with a reduced fare ticket (as a child, student, or disabled passenger when you are not one, or if you fail to produce supporting documentation) — you will need to pay up to the full fare of an adult ticket

With regard to personal tickets, using a ticket or ID document (or both) that are not yours will also be seen as travelling without a valid ticket.

In these situations, the railways are authorised to record your personally identifying details, and to further impose a 50% surcharge on the journey you have already made (even without a valid ticket). This could also, under certain circumstances, dent your personal credit-worthiness record.

You will also incur a general handling fee (currently ¥2.—).

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