Binhai Railway Station (滨海站) – Tianjin

This station was Yujiapu station (于家堡站) before 04 January 2019.
The “old” Binhai station is now Binhai West (滨海西站).
Trains at this station are currently intercity-only.

A full guide to this station is being built. The following is a brief summary. We apologise if you cannot locate what you are looking for within this summary.

Binhai Railway Station (滨海站) is on the Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway extension into Binhai. It is situated in Binhai New District, coastal Tianjin.

Arriving at this Station by Railway

Passengers must head to the front of the train to use the South Exit. For trains heading out from Beijing, try to see if you can book a seat in Car 1 for fastest access.

If you are picking up passengers, always head to the South Exit first. The North Exit may not be in operation.

Officially, you should only take a taxi from the underground taxi rank. Some passengers have reported better chances hailing one above-ground, but only the underground taxi rank is official. Never use any unlicensed vehicle for a journey of any length!


There are a few skyscrapers in the immediate vicinity. Powerlong Shopping Centre is just slightly due northwest of the station.

Changing Lines at This Station

This station is only served by trains on the Binhai extension to the Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway. However, it is possible that a future intercity service line the Bohai Rim also calls at this station.

Getting Railway Tickets

Security checks are required.

Ticket Offices 1 and 2 are currently not in use. Head to the main underground hall for Ticket Office 3, which offers both staffed counters and automated ticketing.

If you have a valid Chinese ID card, you might wish to book online first, then pick the ticket up at the ticket hall, as most of the machines are e-ticket pickup machines.

Departing from this Station by Railway

1. Complete security checks first.
You will need to go through additional security screening before you are admitted into the waiting hall.

2. Present your ticket and ID for boarding.
Present your passport (data page), Chinese Green Card, mainland entry ID, or Chinese ID card to Ticket & ID Check staff. The name and ID number on your ticket must match with the identity document you present.

3. Take a seat and wait for your train.
Announcements will be made as the station is ready to board passengers. Your train number will always be shown and will turn green on the displays when you’re called for boarding.
All ticket gates (numbered 1-3) are directly accessible from the main waiting hall.
Please note: Ticket gates will close 3 minutes prior to the departure of your train. Additionally, train doors may be closed and locked shut shortly afterwards, even before the scheduled time of departure. Always ensure you arrive ontime for your train.

Last updated 15 November 2016; E&OE