Ji’nan West (Ji’nanxi) Railway Station (济南西站) – Shandong

Regular Service
▶ Regular service at this station. This station is seeing a progressive increase in passenger flow. Please be sure to arrive in good time.

Ji’nan West (Ji’nanxi) station is in Ji’nan, Shandong, eastern China, and is on the Beijing-Shanghai HSR and the Qingdao-Ji’nan Passenger Railway. This station is run by Ji’nan West Railway Station, CR Ji’nan.


  • Area: By Weihai, Shun’an, and Rizhao Roads, Huaiyin, Ji’nan, Shandong
    Western urban Ji’nan
  • Streets: Weihai Road (to north), Rizhao Road (to south), Shun’an Road (to west)

Contact This Station

  • Telephone: +86 18205312306
    Service will most likely be in Chinese. Ask a local friend for help if your have difficulties using the Chinese language.

  • Social Media – Sina Weibo: @济南西站 (Service mostly in simplified Chinese with a few tweets in English, including ticket updates)
    Daily ticket availability updates in English and simplified Chinese just after 08:00
    Railway travel advice, tips, and information

Mobile Services

English-Language Services

  • A good English language service is in use at this station


  • Hours of Train Service:
    (Good only for the Beijing-Shanghai HSR)
    Beijing-Shanghai HSR to Beijing South (Beijingnan): 07:33–22:21
    Beijing-Shanghai HSR to Shanghai Hongqiao: 07:26–19:26
    Trains after 19:26 to Shanghai may end at an earlier station.
    Ticket gates close 5 minutes before departure.

  • You are advised to check railway schedules as trains may be added or taken out of service on short notice.


  • Staffed Counters: Ticket Office 3
    Ticket Office 3 is right next to the East Entrance
    Rebooking: See displays above counters in Ticket Office 3
    Refunds: See displays above counters in Ticket Office 3
    Ticket Replacement: See displays above counters in Ticket Office 3
    ID Verification: See displays above counters in Ticket Office 3
    Rail Police ID Services: See displays above counters in Ticket Office 3

  • Ticket Machines: Inside Ticket Offices 1, 2 and 3
    All machines will work only with PRC ID cards.

  • New tickets for trains departing Ji’nan West available daily from 14:00.


  • Location of Platforms: Ground level, access via Departure Hall on uppermost level
  • Platforms and Destinations:
    Platform 1: Very few or no trains depart from this platform; please check station information for more details
    Platforms 2–7: Qingdao–Ji’nan Express Railway and Beijing–Shanghai High Speed Railway southbound trains; also trains to Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Wuhan, Changsha, Guangzhou, Huaihua, Jiangshan, Nanchang, and Nanning, and other southbound services
    Platforms 10–17: Beijing–Shanghai High Speed Railway northbound trains; also trains to Shenyang, Changchun, and Harbin, and other northbound services

  • Only most popular destinations given above. Always check the platform your train will use in advance.
  • Ticket gates open 15 minutes before departure. They will close 5 minutes before departure.
  • Departure gates are split into A and B gates.
    A Gates: Closer to front end of train (by Car 1) for southbound trains, or rear end of train (by Car 1) for northbound trains
    B Gates: Closer to rear end of train (by Car 16, or Car 8 for shorter trains) for southbound trains, or front end of train (by Car 16, or Car 8 for shorter trains) for northbound trains

Barrier-Free Access

  • Ticket Office: Counter 1, Ticket Office 3
  • Ticket Gates: Wide gates available
  • Station Access: Lifts available throughout
  • Special Care Passengers: Service available at Passenger Assistance Centre or at main service desks

Railway Connections

Two exits (East and West).
Please follow signs to the Train Connections (Transfer) if you are connecting onto another train at this station.
Please talk to a member of staff and present your ID and both tickets (ticket to and from Ji’nan West) to complete the transfer. You will go straight up to the Departures Hall and need not clear Security, Ticket & ID Check again.


Two exits.
Please use stairs, escalators, or a lift heading down to leave from the Arrivals Hall.

Bearings are based on which direction an individual is facing at the point of exit on ground level.

  • East Exit: Lile Square; to Bus Hub, Coach Station and local hotels
  • West Exit: to parking lots and bus connections to Ji’nan Yaoqiang International Airport

Landmarks Nearby

Lile Square with the huge “golden lotus statue” and nearby bus and coach hubs are just by the East Exit.

Transfer Guide

  • Transfer to Buses: Via East Exit, then to Bus Hub
  • Transfer to Coaches: Via East Exit, then to Coach Station
  • Transfer to Taxis: Either from Weihai or Rizhao Road exits inside Arrivals Hall
  • Transfer to Airport via Bus: Take Dedicated Service Bus Route 1 (定制公交 1 号线) for a direct bus connection to Ji’nan Yaoqiang International Airport

Nearby Stations

Stations in the Immediate Vicinity
Beijing-Shanghai HSR: BEIJINGNAN (BEIJING SOUTH) – … – Dezhoudong (Dezhou East) – Ji’nanxi (Ji’nan West) – Taian (Shandong) – … – SHANGHAI HONGQIAO
Qingdao-Ji’nan HSR: JI’NANXI (JI’NAN WEST) – Ji’nan – … – QINGDAO

Travel times from Ji’nan West (fastest train travel times only)
30 minutes: Dezhou, central Ji’nan
1 hour: Cangzhou, Zibo
2 hours: Beijing, Weifang, Xuzhou, Bengbu
3 hours: Hefei, Nanjing, Qingdao, Qinhuangdao
4 hours: Suzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou
5 hours: Ningbo

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