Ji’nan Railway Bureau (Ji’nan Rail)

Ji’nan Rail oversees 3,150 km of railways, mostly in the province of Shandong (although notably, the northernmost city, Dezhou, belongs to Beijing Railways). Shandong is well noted for being the home of Confucius and Mo Yan. The sole HSR link (300+ km/h) is the Shandong part of the Beijing-Shanghai HSR (stations are Ji’nan West and four other stations), although there is another 200-250 km/h HSR link from Ji’nan via Zibo to Qingdao. Main cities served by Ji’nan Rail includes the cities of Ji’nan, Qingdao, Yantai, Rizhao, as well as Qufu and Tai’an / Taishan.

(Statistics date from the year 2012.)

Key Ji’nan Rail Stations

The following stations are directly managed by Ji’nan Rail:

  • Ji’nan Railway Station 济南站
  • Ji’nan West (Ji’nanxi) Railway Station 济南西站
  • Qingdao Railway Station 青岛站

Passenger Transport Divisions

Ji’nan Rail has both the Ji’nan and Qingdao Passenger Transport Divisions.

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