Train Numbers

All trains in China will have a train number. This will be much the same with those travelling in the United States, but different from those in Europe (especially the UK, with the exception of the Eurostar).

Train numbers in China are based on the Hanyu Pinyin romanisation system. This means that the fastest train in the country will not necessarily start with the letter A as a prefix.

Here is an overview of all train numbers in mainland China, as well as for select services to Hong Kong and overseas destinations.

C trains (Intercity HSR)
D trains (Regional HSR)
G trains (National HSR)
K trains (Fast Regular)
L trains (Extra Regular)
S trains (Suburban Regular)
T trains (Express Regular)
X trains (Express Cargo)
Y trains (Tourist Regular)
Z trains (Direct Regular)
Trains prefixed 1-5, numbers only (Regular)
Trains prefixed 6-7, numbers only (Local Regular)

Trains comprised of five numbers are not for public use. These are reserved for railways tests and cargo transport.

A (additional extra regular trains) and N (local fast regular trains) have been removed from the national timetables in 2009 and now operate using other train numbers.

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