Advice About Enroute Stops on Trains

Stops made enroute can be brief, especially on high speed rail — some last only one minute!

If exiting at an intermediate stop, please be ready — early.

For details about when your train will arrive at your stop, please ask a member of the train crew. Usually, when ticket checks are being conducted onboard, you will also be told when you will arrive at your station.

If you’re tuning into your music or video player, it’s always a good idea to set your alarm clock so that it rings about 5 minutes before you are to arrive at your station. This way, you won’t miss a beat (either way you think of it!). It’s important you exit at your right stop, since unlike city metros, you may have to wait up to three hours before your train arrives at your next station!

Do not exit midway through your journey if it is not your exit station.

CRH trains call at intermediate stations for very brief durations (sometimes the train stops for only one minute). Please make sure you board or exit quickly. Do not exit unless this is your stop.

Do not smoke at these stations enroute. Remember smoking is banned both in CRH trains and on platforms. Never throw a lit cigarette butt out onto the platform — it can be very dangerous!

If you have not yet reached your exit station, do not leave trains at these midway stations for even a brief walk or to buy snacks. Do not remain close to the doors as they may close at any time. If you leave your train early, remember breaking your journey by exiting midway on your ticket will forfeit onward travel on that very ticket. Please remain onboard until you have reached your station of arrival.

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