Security Checks at China Railways

Security checks are required for all passengers before boarding, and in some parts of China (such as in Beijing), at ticket offices as well. All items of luggage must be placed on the conveyor belt.

To ensure safety, ensure that your children stay clear of the machines. Exercise caution when picking up items from the conveyor belt, as you risk trapping your fingers in the open gaps of the machine. If you are carrying fragile items, or items which require special care, please inform security check staff beforehand.

The law bans anyone from carrying dangerous items onboard, and inflammable or explosive items are of particular concern. It is against the law to carry any dangerous item into stations or onto trains. If you have these on you, you must make a declaration and surrender these items as required. You will be responsible for all civil and criminal liabilities if you attempt to secretly “sneak” dangerous items onboard or into stations.

And the rules…
In accordance with Articles 65 and 66 of the Railway Safety Management Regulations

  • Railway transport enterprises shall, in accordance with laws, administrative regulations and rules formulated by the Railway Industry Supervision Department of the State Council, conduct security inspections on passengers and their luggage.
  • Security check personnel shall display inspection badges and legally execute the responsibilities of security personnel. They may deny entry to passengers and luggage which do not go through security check.
  • Passengers shall cooperate, and accept, security inspections instituted at stations and on trains by the railway transport enterprise. No passenger may carry or consign, in contravention of the law, restricted weapons, fireworks, firecrackers, arms, ammunition, and other dangerous or illegal items.
  • Items prohibited or restricted for carriage, including their quantities, shall be determined by the Railway Industry Supervision Department of the State Council in consultation with public security authorities. A list of such items shall be publicly displayed at stations and on trains.

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