Passenger Rights and Duties with China Railways

In accordance with the Railway Passenger Transport Regulations, railway passengers enjoy the following rights:

  1. the right to travel on the train service as designated on the ticket
  2. the right to request that the carrier offers services related to the class of travel and to ensure safety while travelling
  3. the right to demand compensation in the event of bodily injuries while travelling
  4. regarding damages to personal belongings brought onboard, the right to demand compensation in the event of faults on the side of carrier while travelling.

At the same time, railway passengers are to observe the following duties:

  1. the duty to pay transport fees, and to double check tickets and change, as well as to keep tickets properly and to ensure all ticket information remains legible
  2. the duty to observe national laws and railway regulations, and to follow instructions from station personnel and signage when entering or exiting stations
  3. the duty to protect railway facilities, railway order, and railway safety
  4. the duty to render compensation in the event of damages or losses to the railways or to other passengers.

Passengers should also note that they should always present a valid travel document (generally a passport for expats and visitors), as almost all trains in mainland China will require ID both at ticketing and whilst travelling.

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