No Smoking Policy

There is a strictly enforced No Smoking policy onboard all CRH trains, as well as in all sleeper trains or carriages. The one on high speed trains is particularly strictly enforced, but the smoke-free sleeper rules also apply. Also note that all trains operated by Beijing Rail, and all railway stations in Beijing, are strictly no smoking.

Smoking onboard CRH trains can be extremely dangerous. Your lit cigarette risks setting off disastrous consequences if it is allowed to come in contact with items on the train. As a precaution, smoke alarms are installed throughout the entire train. If these are activated, you risk slowing the train or forcing it to a standstill altogether. Not only will delays occur, but the train itself will then be at further risk.

New Railway Security Management Regulations have taken effect on 01 January 2014. From this date onwards, penalties for smoking onboard CRH trains (as well as smoking on smoke-free parts regular railway trains) will be seen as an offence for which a maximum penalty of ¥2,000 will apply for individuals. Any offence, plus your personal details, will be recorded as well.

The use of e-cigarettes is also generally seen as discouraged.

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