Mind the Gap!

There will be a gap or height in platform difference between trains and platforms. Please mind your step, and be careful not to get caught or drop belongings into the gap.

To ensure safety, do not rush off or onto trains. If you will be using a platform which is wet (such as one that is being cleaned or is in the open during rain, ice, or snow), you must be careful — ensure you do not fall onto the platform or break anything.

A majority of trains, especially CRH trains, are designed so that boarding or exiting works best from high-level platforms. If you will be boarding or exiting at stations where low-level platforms are used, ensure that you take extra care of the difference in height between the train and the platform. At stations where train crew use a “filler board” to facilitate boarding or exiting, allow this to be placed before you step on or off trains.

You are advised to take extra care of your belongings as you get closer to the gap. If anything falls into the gap, and you must pick it up, never do so on your own. Always inform station or train crew. Finally, never use the gap as a place to dispose of litter. If you must throw something away, always use the rubbish bins.

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