General Information for Railway Travellers

Please pay attention to the following general information, valid for all railway travellers in China:

  • Your ticket is only valid for travel on a specified train and date, as stated. You are to arrive at the exit station while your ticket is still valid. Breaking your journey enroute will forfeit further onward travel on a direct ticket. If you hold a transfer ticket, register your transfer at the ticket office when changing trains.
  • You must rebook if you are unable to travel on the designated train and date as specific on your ticket. This must be done before travel.
  • You cannot request a ticket be refunded after departure, except for in cases where you have been ill or injured.
  • Maximum free baggage allowance: 20 kg per adult, 10 kg per child; maximum combined length, width and height is 160 cm (130 cm for CRH trains) per item of luggage. Oversize luggage shall be consigned. Dangerous and illegal items may neither be brought onboard nor consigned. Do not bring bikes or any other item that might damage trains or cause you or other passengers danger in any way.
  • Ticket gates will close before departure. To avoid delays, please arrive early at your station. Queues are likely at Ticket, ID, and Security Check. Do not go into any part of the station off limits to passengers.
  • Personal tickets require the passenger’s ID document for purchase (originals only). Present matching ID for refunds, to replace lost tickets, at ticket pickup and to register transfers. Boarding will be denied for passengers whose documents do not match.
  • Additional restrictive conditions may apply to you if you are found to travel without a valid ticket, use mismatching or fake ID documents, are found to have lost too many tickets, or if you are suspect of misusing train tickets. This may affect your right to purchase tickets. (This is mainly aimed at ticket touts.)
  • You may be eligible for a free rebook or refund if the train you are booked onto is cancelled or otherwise altered due to a fault on the side of the railways.
  • All other matters are handled as per the Railway Passenger Transport Regulations. Please check station publicity for any changes. Always observe safety instructions when travelling. China Railways Tel Infoline: 12306.

These are valid for all journeys on China Railways.

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