Free Luggage Allowances on China Railways

There are less restrictions on carrying items as part of your free luggage allowance on China Railways than on planes. Enforcement is somewhat more relaxed than at the airport, but in the interest of all riders, please familiarise yourself with these ahead of time.

Free luggage that can be conveyed must weigh no more than:
10 kg (22 lb ¾ oz) for children
35 kg (77 lb 2½ oz) for diplomats
20 kg (44 lb 1½ oz) for all other passengers

The combined length, width, and height must not exceed 160 centimetres (5 feet 3 inches) per item, except for if you are travelling on CRH trains, where a lower limit (130 centimetres / 4 ft 3¼ inches) applies.

You must also not bring any stick or flag pole taller than 2 metres (6 ft 6¾ inches) onboard.

Collapsible wheelchairs are allowed at all times and are exempt from the free luggage allowance limits as detailed above. They can be taken in addition to any other free items of luggage.

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