Premier Class on China Railways (HSR)

Premier Class (特等座) is available at the ends of CRH3C, CRH380 and CRH380B trains (as well as in Car 3 of CRH380A trains). Those at the ends of the trains are just behind the driver; on CRH380A trains, those in Car 3 take the form of a compartment for six travellers.

Seating arrangements

  • 2+1 seating
  • Window seats: A and F seats
  • Aisle seats: C seats — F seats are both window & aisle

Where Premier Class is located (for trains operating at 300 km/h / 186 mph):

  • Cars 1 and 8 on CRH3C, CRH380A, and CRH380B trains
  • Car 3 (additionally on CRH380A trains) — enclosed compartment for 6 passengers

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