Xi’an Metro (西安地铁)

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The Xi’an Metro serves the city of Changsha, capital of the province of Shaanxi, in central western China, and an erstwhile ancient capital of the country.

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Fares: Minimum fare ¥ 2.—; distance-based fares up to ¥ 5.— at present.
Stored-valued cards are available in addition to single journey tickets.


Current lines in service:

  • Line 1: Houweizhai – Fangzhicheng
  • Line 2: Xi’an North (Xi’anbei) Railway Station (Beikezhan) – Weiqu South (Weiqu’nan)


Lines 3 and 4 are expected to be added to the metro network in the coming years.

  • Line 3: Yuhuazhai – Free Trade Zone (Baoshuiqu)
  • Line 4: Xi’an North (Xi’anbei) Railway Station (Beikezhan) – Aerospace New City (Hangtian Xincheng)


The current Xi’an Metro system was already on the drawing board back in the 1970s, when a system similar to that already in Beijing was proposed. (Incidentally, they also proposed destroying the ancient city walls, but thankfully, they would survive to this present day — as the plan was ultimately scrapped due to lack of funds, in spite of approval from the higher authorities.)

Xi’an city authorities continued looking into the metro system into the early 1980s, ultimately creating a task group to this effect in 1987. Seven years later, a plan, good through to 2010, proposed 4 lines over 73.17 km. This was approved by the Chinese State Council five years later.

In February 2004, more detailed plans were finalised, then sent to the central government, and following final approval granted in September 2006, works got underway in earnest on 29 September 2006, when Line 2 started being built, to open to the public on 16 September 2011.

Line 1, which was built afterwards, opened to the public on 15 September 2013, and on 16 June 2014, a southern extension to Line 4, comprised of four new stations, entered service.

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