Suzhou Metro (苏州地铁)

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The Suzhou Metro serves the city of Suzhou in the province of Jiangsu in eastern China.

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Fares: Minimum fare ¥ 2.—; distance-based fares up to ¥ 7.— at present.


Current lines in service:

  • Line 1: Mudu – Zhongnan Street (Zhongnan Jie)
  • Line 2: Suzhou North Railway Station – Baodaiqiao South


Lines 3, 4, and 7 are to be added to the map, and Line 2 will see extensions further to the north and to the east. Line 7 will act as the branch line to Line 4. Lines 5 and 6 are currently under planning, but works have not yet

  • Line 2: Qihe – Suzhou North Railway Station and Baodaiqiao South – Sangtian Island
  • Line 3: Suzhou New District Railway Station – Yiting Road
  • Line 4: Suli Road – Tongjin Avenue
  • Line 7: Longxiang Road – Hongzhuang


The first step to Suzhou’s own metro network was taken in May 2002, when the metro operations company was established. It would be about another five years, however, before the central government would approve Suzhou’s metro plans, which happened in February 2007. In late December of the same year, works on Line 1 began, with the logo of Suzhou’s metro network finalised in April 2008.

Line 2, which connects central Suzhou to the city’s North HSR station, saw groundbreaking work in December 2009, and its extension started being built later on, as did Lines 4 and 7.

After opening to those who had trial travel passes in early April 2012, the entire Line 1 was officially inaugurated just before midday on 28 April 2012. Line 2 officially opened to the public on 28 December 2013. Works on Line 3 got off in earnest in December 2014, although the project did begin a year earlier.

The goal is to create a 409 km (256 mile) long network, and next up to be added to the network are extensions to Line 2, as well as all-new Lines 3, 4, and 7.

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