Kunming Metro (昆明地铁)

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The Kunming Metro serves the city of Kunming, capital of the province of Yunnan in southwestern China.

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Fares: Minimum fare ¥ 2.—; distance-based fares up to ¥ 7.— at present.
The metro system also accepts stored-value cards.
When all current lines connect, trips to and from the airport will incur a surcharge of ¥ 10.—.


Current lines in service:

  • Line 1: South Ring Road – University Town South
    Trains continue directly north of South Ring Road onto Line 2
  • Line 2: North Coach Station – South Ring Road
    Trains continue directly south of South Ring Road onto Line 1
  • Line 6: East Coach Station – Airport CentreThis line is currently disconnected from the rest of the network


Lines 1 and 2 are expected to be expanded, and Line 3 is expected to be added to the map and connect to Line 6. Lines 1 and 2 are only running part of their routes at the present; the direct link between Lines 1 and 2 (which does not involve changing trains) is only a temporary arrangement.

  • Line 1: Jiaochang North Road – Desheng Bridge – South Ring Road
  • Line 2: South Ring Road – Kunming Railway Station – Convention Centre
  • Line 3: Shizu – East Coach Station

Also, Line 6 current has two stations that remain closed at the moment: Dabanqiao and Airport Front stations.

The ultimate master plan calls for a network of 15 lines over 602 km (376 ¼ miles). Planned are the addition of LInes 4, 5, and 7–9 into the network, as well as a City Express Line.


After completing Kunming’s general city plans in collaboration with the city of Zürich, Switzerland, the 1993 plans of Kunming added a city metro system to the plans. It was another 11 years before the city authorities in Kunming approved of the metro. 2005 plans foresaw a five-line network, which was then ratified in 2006. In 2007, a sixth line was added to the plans.

These plans were then sent to the central government for approval in March 2008; approval followed in June 2009. After trial works got underway in July 2009, full works all Lines 1 and 2 began in May 2010. Three months later, works on Line 6 would start, with that line being the first to open tot he puulic on 28 June 2012.

The network progressively came together when Line 1 opened from Xiaodongcun to University Town South on 20 May 2013. Lines 1 and 2 were later fully joined on 30 April 2014. A connection line between the lines were used for the moment.

Line 3 is being added to the map, and will connect with Line 2 at Dongfeng Square, and Line 6 at the East Coach Station, which finally creates a relatively complete basic network.

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