Hangzhou Metro (杭州地铁)

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The Hangzhou Metro serves the city of Hangzhou, provincial capital of Zhejiang province, in eastern China.

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Fares: Minimum fare ¥ 2.—; distance-based fares up to ¥ 9.— at present.
The metro system also accepts the Hangzhou Citizen Card, and users of this card may be eligible for discounts.


Current lines in service:

  • Line 1: Wenze Road – Xiangu (also: Jiubao / Coach Centre – Linping branch)
  • Line 2: Qianjiang Road – Chaoyang
  • Line 4: Bengbu – Jinjiang


Extensions are planned for all lines currently in operation. In addition, the network will add Lines 5 and 6 before the decade is over.

  • Line 1: Wenhai South Road – Xiashajiangbin
  • Line 2: Qingchun Square – Fengtan Road and Wenhua Road – Liangzhu
  • Line 4: Yongjiang Road – Puyan
  • Line 5: Central Park – Xiangzhang Road
  • Line 10: Shuangpu – Fengbei

A further extension to Line 5, as well as Line 3, and Lines 7 through 11, are all under projection. In particular, Line 9 will use part of what is now Line 1 between the Coach Centre and Linping. When Line 9 enters operation, Line 1 is likely to lose direct service to and from Linping, and riders will have to change trains.


Hangzhou was thinking of its own metro system as early as 1984, although real plans, which would lead to the establishment of the metro company, would have to wait until mid-2002. Following official government approval, works on Line 1 got underway on a test basis at Wujiang Road station, and “full” works started in spring 2007.

In mid-November 2008, a major accident happened at the Xianghu Road works site, which claimed the lives of 21 people. This actually caused works on the entire line to be suspended for the time being, only to resume later. Other minor incidents either claimed no or very few lives. Despite these incidents, the system opened up to the public in the afternoon hours of 24 November 2012. Line 2 opened up on 24 November 2014, two years after Line 1 entered service, but the new line would only be connected to the rest of the network by Line 4, which had its first part open on 02 February 2015. This year will still see a further extension on Line 1, with extension to Line 2 to come by 2017.

A five-line, 190 km (almost 119 mile) network is expected to be reality for Hangzhou by the end of 2019.

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