Dalian Metro (大连地铁)

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The Dalian Metro serves the city of Dalian, which is located in the province of Liaoning, in northeastern China.

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Fares: Minimum fare ¥ 1.— on Line 3 (including branch line); ¥ 2.— on other lines; distance-based fare system.
This system supports the Dalian Pearl transit smartcard.


Current lines in service:


The current 202 km (126 mile) network is being expanded to a future grand total of 820 km (512 ½ miles). Over the next few years, the follow lines are to enter service:

  • Line 1: Hekou – Convention Centre
  • Line 2: Dalian North (Dalianbei) Railway Station – Xinzhaizi
  • Jinzhou-Puwan Intercity Railway: Shisanli – Zhenxing Road
    Trains will in future directly connect with Line 3
    It does not appear that this railway will be operated by China Railways


Dalian wanted a metro as early as the 1980s. A 82.4 km (51 ½ mile) network was planned for the city’s 1990-2010 blueprints in 1987, however this failed to materialise due to works and funding issues. In spite of this, a 1999 blueprint consisting of five lines over 123 km (77 miles) did get the approval of the central authorities.

First to be built was Line 3, which had to be officially termed a “rail transit” rather than a “metro” line due to administrative red tape issues with the central government. Works got underway in September 2000 and the line opened to the general public on 01 May 2003. An extension followed in late 2004, then a branch also entered into serve by late 2008.

Plans for a 2016 network made up of three lines were approved in July 2009, and Line 2 works got underway shortly after. The central part of Line 2 opened on 22 May 2015, connecting the airport, but not the north railway station. Earlier, the Line 202 Extension opened on 1 May 2014.

Right now, Line 1 is still in the works, and Line 2 is still being extended. A new intercity railway form Jinshan to Puwan is also being built, and being planned are also extensions to Line 1 and the Jinshan-Puwan Intercity Railway, totally-new Lines 4, 5, and 7, and Rapid Metro Line 1. Most, if not all, of these, should be ready by 2020.

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