Changchun Rail Transit (长春轨道交通)

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The Changchun Rail Transit system serves the city of Changchun, capital of the province of Jilin, located in northeastern China.

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Fares: Minimum fare ¥ 2.—, maximum fare ¥ 4.—; distance-based fare system.


Current lines in service:

  • Line 3: Changchun Railway Station – Changchun Cinema Century City
  • Line 4: Changchun Railway Station North – Chechang


At the moment, the city’s first “conventional metro” lines — namely, Lines 1 and 2 — are being built and should enter service soon.

  • Line 1: Hongzuizi – North Ring Road
  • Line 2: Xihu (West Lake) – Oriental Square


During Japanese occupation, the city of Changchun first planned for a city mass transit system back in 1939. In spite of this being under alien occupation, it was the first-ever plan for city mass transit systems in China. The plans called for a 120 km (75 mi) network circling the city.

In 1981, the city of Changchun, part of the People’s Republic since its 1949 foundation, started analysing options for the metro system further, and a body to this effect was formed in 1985. A trial part for light rail was applied for in 1986 and obtained permission from the central government.

More detailed plans were created in 1994, and a government conference held three years later on decided to build Line 3 as the first line. Official approval for the first phase of the Changchun rail transit system came in December 1999, with works officially starting in late May 2000. On 30 October 2002, trial operations started with Line 3, this being China’s first light rail to open to traffic. Line 4 opened in full on 30 April 2012.

Plans to expand the system include building Lines 1 and 2, which are underway at the moment. Lines 5–7 are also being considered. By 2050, Changchun hopes to have built a 179 km (112 mile) network.

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