Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 2 Subway Station (地铁北京首都国际机场 2 号航站楼站)

Regular Service
Regular service at this station. This station is not usually busy.
Exit here at Terminal 2 station for Terminal 1
Proceed to Terminal 2 Departures Level, then head beyond the Domestic Departures part to use a passageway to Terminal 1 (6-10 minutes travel time). You will not pass Customs or Passport Control at this passageway.

Terminal 2 station of the Beijing Subway at Beijing Airport is on Beijing Subway‘s Airport Express.

Use this station if you are travelling on Skyteam member airlines or Hainan Airlines (non-mainland flights only), or if your ticket states you will depart from Terminal 2. Star Alliance and oneworld operate from Terminal 3.


  • Area: Terminal 2, Beijing Capital International Airport, Chaoyang District
    (朝阳区北京首都国际机场 2 号航站楼)
    Northeastern suburban Beijing, Capital International Airport
  • Streets: This is an airport station


  • Hours of Train Service:
    Airport Express to central Beijing: 06:35–23:10
    Enter stations at least 10 minutes before the last train arrives, as ticket gates can close early.

  • Service Frequencies: Minimum (peak): one train every 8 minutes 30 seconds (approx 7 trains per hour)


  • Staffed Counters: By station entrance
  • Ticket and Value Machines: Station entrance, before ticket gates
    All machines add value to city transit cards.


This station is located just outside the main Terminal 2 Arrival Level main gates. Follow all signage and use the “down” escalator.

  • Location of Platform: One side platform on Underground level
  • Side Train Doors Open: Doors will open on the right

Barrier-Free Access

  • Ticket Gates: Wide gates available
  • Station Access: Use lifts or “down” escalator just outside the Terminal 2 main gates


1 exit available

Bearings are based on which direction an individual is facing at the point of exit on ground level.

  • Main exit: To main Terminal 2 building

Landmarks Nearby

This station is entirely within Terminal 2 of Beijing Capital International Airport.

Transfer Guide

  • Transfer to Buses: Bus info coming

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