Jishuitan Subway Station (地铁积水潭站)

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Jishuitan Subway Station (地铁积水潭站) is on Beijing Subway Line 2 and the planned Line 19. It is situated by Jishuitan Bridge on the northwestern 2nd Ring Road in central Beijing.

Arriving by Subway

Doors will open on the left. This station uses split or enclosed concourses, so choose your exit before departing via the exit gates.

Escalators leading to ground level are generally available at exits.


Deshengmen Gate Tower does not have a separate station, but Exit B at this station is closest.

If you are taking a long-distance bus or an intercity coach service, Exit B is closest to the bus hub.

Changing Lines at This Station

This station will be an interchange with Line 19 by approximately 2020.

Leaving by Subway

Security checks are required.

If you wish to add value to your Yikatong public transport smartcard, either enter from Exit C and head to staffed counters there.

Platform doors are planned for the Line 2 platforms. Always remain behind the yellow line until your train arrives and has come to a complete stop.

Last Line 2 trains: 21:56 for clockwise trains via Guloudajie (22:45 for trains terminating at Xizhimen); 22:56 for counterclockwise trains via Xizhimen.

Please note: We suggest that all passengers always enter stations and be inside the entry gates approximately 10 minutes before the arrival of the last train.

Last updated 10 November 2016; E&OE