Jianguomen Subway Station (地铁建国门站)

Busy Station at Peak Hours
▶ This is a key interchange station. Interchange stairs and passageways may be busy during peak hours on weekdays.

Jianguomen station is on Beijing Subway Lines 1 and 2.


  • Area: Jianguomen Bridge, Dongcheng and Chaoyang districts
    Eastern central Beijing, by East 2nd Ring
  • Streets: Jianguomen Inner and Outer Streets, East 2nd Ring Road


  • Hours of Train Service:
    Line 1 westbound to Pingguoyuan: 05:07–23:28
    Line 1 eastbound to Sihui East: 05:28–23:38
    Line 2 clockwise loop to Beijing Railway Station and Chongwenmen: 05:21–22:14
    Line 2 clockwise to Xizhimen: Last train at 23:03
    Line 2 counterclockwise loop to Chaoyangmen and Dongzhimen: 05:17–22:38
    Line 2 counterclockwise to Jishuitan: Last train at 23:23
    Some Line 2 trains, in particular those late at night, will not run a full loop service, and will only go as far as Xizhimen or Jishuitan.
    Enter stations at least 10 minutes before the last train arrives, as ticket gates can close early.

  • Line 1 Service Frequencies: Minimum (peak): one train every 2 minutes 5 seconds (approx 28 trains per hour)
  • Line 2 Service Frequencies: Minimum (peak): one train every 2 minutes (approx 30 trains per hour)


  • Staffed Counters: Concourses or entrance halls before gates
  • Ticket Machines: Throughout concourse
    To add value, please proceed to the staffed ticket counter at Exit C


  • Location of Line 1 Platforms: One central island platform on Underground Level 3
  • Location of Line 2 Platforms: One central island platform on Underground Level 2
  • Side Train Doors Open: Doors will open on the left, both on Line 1 and Line 2


  • Ease Changing Lines: Somewhat straightforward changing from Line 2 to Line 1, otherwise a little more complex.
  • Line 1 ▶ Line 2: Go up stairs in middle of Line 1 platform, continue into passageway (both passageways lead to the Line 2 platforms), then enter Line 2 part for platform access
  • Line 2 ▶ Line 1: Go downstairs to Line 1 platform via platform in middle of Line 2 platform

Barrier-Free Access

  • Ticket Gates: Wide gates available
  • Station Access: Wheelchair Lift by Exits B or C.


3 exits available: Exits A–C
Mixed concourses in use. Pay particular attention to exit signs.
Exit B is in the Line 2 part
There is no exit to the southeastern part of Jianguomen Bridge by the hotels

Bearings are based on which direction an individual is facing at the point of exit on ground level.

  • Exit A: Southbound, northwestern corner, Jianguomen Bridge
  • Exit B (Line 2): Southbound, northeastern corner, Jianguomen Bridge
  • Exit C: Northbound, southwestern corner, Jianguomen Bridge

Landmarks Nearby

  • Exit A: Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
  • Exit B (Line 2): Jianguomen Diplomatic Compound (ID required for access), Beijing International Club
  • Exit C (Line 6): Jianguomen Ancient Observatory

Transfer Guide

  • Transfer to Buses: Bus info coming

Nearby Stations

Stations in the Immediate Vicinity
Line 1: PINGGUOYUAN – … – Dongdan – Jianguomen – Yonganli – … – SIHUI EAST
Line 2: Dongzhimen – … – Chaoyangmen – Jianguomen – Beijing Railway Station – … – Chongwenmen

Furthest on Minimum Fare (RMB 3.—) (if remaining on this line)
Line 1: As far west as Xidan; or as far east as Sihui
Line 2: As far clockwise as Xuanwumen; or as far counterclockwise as Yonghegong Lama Temple

Furthest within 10 minutes (train travel times only)
Line 1: As far west as Tian’anmen West; or as far east as Dawanglu
Line 2: As far clockwise as Qianmen; or as far counterclockwise as Dongzhimen

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