Dawanglu Subway Station (地铁大望路站)

A full guide to this station is being built. The following is a brief summary. We apologise if cannot locate what you are looking for within this summary.

Dawanglu Subway Station (地铁大望路站) is on Beijing Subway Line 1 and Line 14.

Arriving by Subway

Doors will open on the left. This station uses an enclosed concourse, so you may go upstairs using any set of stairs. However, you should choose your exit before departing via the exit gates.

Exits A to D are in the Line 1 part of the station; exits E to H, in the Line 14 part.

Escalators leading to ground level are generally available at all exits. However, Exit H is accessible by stairs only.


Shin Kong Place (Beijing SKP) and China Central Place are accessible either from the long corridor by Exit A, or directly from Exit H (turn left at the end).

The SOHO (“Xiandaicheng”) complex is accessible from Exit B.

Access Wanda Plaza and Gemdale Plaza from Exit D.

Changing Lines at This Station

You will need to change lines using a long passageway. Allow for approximately 5-8 minutes, or more during rush hour. The transfer paths take you between the concourses of both lines.

Leaving by Subway

Security checks are required. If you are not carrying a bag, you may be able to use the “No Bag” channels in the Line 14 part of the station.

Platform doors are currently being tested on the Line 1 platforms. Always remain behind the yellow line until your train arrives and has come to a complete stop.