Chaoyangmen Subway Station (地铁朝阳门站)

Busy Station at Peak Hours
▶ Weekday mornings, Underground access to Exit A is likely to be very busy.
▶ Weekday evenings: Access to station managed 16:30–19:00, especially for Exit A. Expect queues.

Chaoyangmen station is on Beijing Subway Lines 2 and 6.


  • Area: Chaoyangmen Bridge, Chaoyang district
    Eastern central Beijing, by East 2nd Ring
  • Streets: Chaoyangmen Inner and Outer Streets, East 2nd Ring Road


  • Hours of Train Service:
    Line 2 clockwise loop to Jian’guomen and Beijing Railway Station: 05:18–22:11
    Line 2 clockwise to Xizhimen: Last train at 23:00
    Line 2 counterclockwise loop to Dongsi Shitiao and Yonghegong Lama Temple: 05:20–22:41
    Line 2 counterclockwise to Jishuitan: Last train at 23:26
    Line 6 westbound to Haidian Wuluju: 05:39–23:31
    Line 6 eastbound to Caofang: 05:49–23:43
    Some Line 2 trains, in particular those late at night, will not run a full loop service, and will only go as far as Xizhimen or Jishuitan.
    Enter stations at least 10 minutes before the last train arrives, as ticket gates can close early.

  • Line 2 Service Frequencies: Minimum (peak): one train every 2 minutes (approx 30 trains per hour)
  • Line 6 Service Frequencies: Minimum (peak): one train every 3 minutes (approx 30 trains per hour)


  • Staffed Counters: Concourses or entrance halls before gates
  • Ticket and Value Machines: Throughout concourse
    Only machines by Exits E, G and H can add value to city transit cards; at other exits, proceed to staffed counter


  • Location of Line 2 Platforms: One central island platform on Underground Level 2
  • Location of Line 2 Platforms: One central island platform on Underground Level 3
  • Side Train Doors Open: Doors will open on the left, both on Line 2 and Line 6


  • Ease Changing Lines: Somewhat straightforward changing from Line 2 to Line 6, otherwise a little more complex.
  • Line 2 ▶ Line 6: Go up stairs in middle of Line 2 platform, continue along passageway, then head downstairs and enter Line 6 part for platform access
  • Line 6 ▶ Line 2: Go upstairs to Line 6 concourse, then use either interchange passageway to reach Line 2 part of station; finally, head downstairs onto Line 2 platforms

Barrier-Free Access

  • Ticket Gates: Wide gates available
  • Station Access: Lift available by Exit —, or Wheelchair Lift by Exit —.


4 exits available: Exits A, E, G and H
Mixed concourses in use. Pay particular attention to exit signs.
Exit A is in the Line 2 concourse
The former Exit B (Line 2) is now closed
Exits E, G and H are accessed from the Line 6 part

Bearings are based on which direction an individual is facing at the point of exit on ground level.

  • Exit A (Line 2): Eastbound on Chaoyangmen Outer Street (north side road)
  • Exit E (Line 6): Southbound by Chaoyangmen Inner Street (north side road)
  • Exit G (Line 6): Westbound on Chaoyangmen Inner Street (south side road)
  • Exit H (Line 6): Northbound by Chaoyangmen Inner Street (south side road)

Landmarks Nearby

  • Exit A (Line 2): Chinese Foreign Ministry, Full Link Plaza, Sinochem Tower
  • Exit G (Line 6): Bank of China Beijing Branch Tower
  • Exit H (Line 6): Beijing Inn Tower

Transfer Guide

  • Transfer to Buses: Bus info coming
  • Transfer to BRT: BRT Line 2 Chaoyangmen station in vicinity of Subway Exit A

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