Beijing West Railway Station (Subway Station) | (地铁北京西站)

Busy Station at Peak Hours
▶ Busiest times at this station are 07:00–09:00 every day. Expect queues. The station is expected to be busier when Line 7 services begin.
This station will become an interchange station with Line 7 beginning 28 December 2014.

Beijing West Railway Station (Subway) is on Beijing Subway Lines 7 (opening soon) and 9.


  • Area: Beijing West (Beijingxi) Railway Station
    Northern urban Beijing, between West 3rd and West 2nd Rings
  • Streets: Beijing West Railway Station Road; Lianhuachi East Road


  • Hours of Train Service:
    Line 7 eastbound to Jiaohuachang: Service not yet started
    Line 9 northbound to National Library: 05:40–23:00
    Line 9 southbound to Guogongzhuang: 06:10–23:30
    Enter stations at least 10 minutes before the last train arrives, as ticket gates can close early.

  • Line 7 Service Frequencies: Minimum (peak): one train every 4 minutes (approx 15 trains per hour)
  • Line 9 Service Frequencies: Minimum (peak): one train every 3 minutes 20 seconds (approx 18 trains per hour)


  • Staffed Counters: Just by entrance, after security check to subway station
  • Ticket and Value Machines: By ticket offices
    All machines add value to city transit cards.


  • Location of Platforms: On the two central platforms, each platform will have one side serving Line 7, with the other side serving Line 9.
  • Please be sure you check both the line and the direction of travel of your train when travelling. Double-check signage (line, direction) before heading down to the platforms.
  • Side Train Doors Open: On Line 7 trains, doors will open on the right; on Line 9 trains, doors will open on the left


  • Ease Changing Lines: Cross-platform interchange with conditions
  • Line 7 ▶ Line 9: Cross-platform interchange if travelling north on Line 9 to National Library; otherwise, use concourse on upper level
  • Line 9 ▶ Line 7: Cross-platform interchange if arriving on a southbound Line 9 train from National Library to Guogongzhuang; otherwise, use concourse on upper level

Barrier-Free Access

  • Ticket Gates: Wide gates available
  • Station Access: All exits are integrated into the Arrivals Level of the main line railway station


2 exits available: Exits A and B
Through concourse in use. Choose exit at concourse.
Exit Sets: A, B

Bearings are based on which direction an individual is facing at the point of exit on ground level.

  • Exit A (North exit): Northbound; closer to regular rail trains and trains to Hong Kong
  • Exit B (South exit): Southbound; closer to HSR trains (D and G trains)

Landmarks Nearby

This station is entirely within the Beijing West Railway Station.

Transfer Guide

  • Transfer to Buses: Follow signs to bus hubs
  • Transfer to National Railways: Use any exit to head into the main line station’s Arrivals Level. Then use escalators and complete ticket, ID, and security checks to access the Departure Concourse.

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