Tracking China is run by David Feng. Born in Beijing, he grew up in Zürich and is presently in London after 14 years in China, where he has travelled extensively, especially by train. After getting a driving licence for China in 2003, he “went underground” in 2007, when the Beijing Subway proved it was the solution to beat Beijing’s vile above-ground traffic snarls. He launched Beijingology, Beijing A to B, Random Jaunts, Dear Passengers, Civitology and to provide others who might want to use the city metro systems information on getting around by rail in China. These sites have since been merged onto this Tracking China site, a site which is well-known in China’s rail community. He is now Visiting Academic and Visiting Lecturer at the University of Westminster’s China Media Centre, where his focus of research is on social media in China. He misses the days in China when a train number was all it took to get from A to B, but is now still happily on the rails as the holder of an Annual Travelcard.

He has also developed a new, “Chinglish-free” set of recommended bilingual (English / Chinese) standards for use on the passenger network of the entire Chinese railways system, which is being progressively used across the railways. His bilingual posts informing both locals and foreigners on how to get around China by rail have been posted and reposted by the entire Chinese official railway system, and has been seen by millions of travellers and rail personnel.

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