All Change, Please! Guides for Visitors from Abroad

There is little in the way of contest between Xizhimen Subway Station in Beijing and Bank and Monument Underground stations in London, as the two are commonly loathed as the least loved of both systems. But whilst common ground can be found across the two systems, and getting on and off trains are something all are pre-programmed to do, reality sets in eventually that there might still be issues for foreign visitors into China getting their feet wet in the subterranean or intercity rail systems for the first time.

Fully sympathising with the issues outsiders coming into China might be having, Tracking China and the rest of the Street Level China network hopes that the All Change, Please! series of pages might make life easier for expats coming into China. To make things easier, both national railways and city metros will be shown on the same page. All pages are by country or territory.

All change to China from…

  • the United Kingdom
  • Switzerland

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