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Thank you for visiting Tracking China. This site is a David Feng site.

David Feng has been travelling on trains since his childhood. With mileage in over a dozen countries worldwide, his particular interests has been city metro and national railway trains in China, Switzerland, and the UK.

Here at Tracking China, David runs the website to provide the travellers with info you can use. David has been through systems which were unusable, and he’s had to go through spooky-looking stairwells just to get to trains, or try his hand at an interchange maze, or find his station was miles away simply because it had an extra two letters added to it. He’s seen the mess, so he’s saving you from it.

The Tracking China site merges all previous train-related sites. This includes Beijingology, Beijing A to B, Civitology, Random Jaunts, Dear Passengers, ( and the 2012 edition of Tracking China.

David Feng’s train travel expertise has also been featured by the wider world. In addition to running a rail / city metro site in English, he is also actively involved in getting China’s train team to speak English, so to serve more visitors from around the world.

David Feng being featured on train-related events…

  • March 2014: Spoke to Nanning Rail at Nanning Railway Station on Railway English
  • January – February 2014: Co-designed bilingual train and station info booklets at Tianjin Railway Station and onboard Beijing-Shanghai HSR trains operated by Beijing Rail
  • January 2014: Featured (in Chinese) on a Xinhua news article about the annual Spring Festival rush
  • November 2013: Spoke to Beijing Rail (HSR Passenger Services) by Beijing South Railway Station on Railway English
  • August 2013: Spoke to crew at Wuxi East Railway Station on Railway English
  • July 2013: Featured as full, A2-sized back page feature story on railways, rail English, and China
  • July 2013: Spoke to Harbin and Chengdu Rail (Passenger Services) by Harbin and Chengdu Railway Stations; featured in local media
  • March 2013: Started talking about railways in China with inaugural lesson in Ji’nan to members of Ji’nan West, Taian (Shandong), Qufu East, Tengzhou East and Zaozhuang stations
  • February 2013: David Feng-designed Wuhan rail / bus interchange map featured on Chinese national television with support from local volunteers
  • August 2012: Spoke via Skype to Australia on recent developments with Chinese high speed rail
  • March 2012: Speaker and Panelist, Inaugural Chinese High Speed Travel Conference
  • March 2012: Speaker, Chinese HSR development conference, alongside key Chinese academics
  • November 2011: In the aftermath of China’s Wenzhou HSR crash, David published China Needs Faster and Better Rail, a key article in support of Chinese HSR
  • July 2011: Wenzhou crash. In initial hours of crash, David continued to support HSR, although support was much rescinded after the rail PR spokesperson used inflammatory language. David refused to join a televised programme discussing HSR on the grounds that it was too early to jump to conclusions about Chinese HSR in the immediate wake of the crash
  • June 2011: Local, national, and international media interview David Feng and Tracy Liu at Beijing South Railway Station and onboard first Shanghai-bound HSR train
  • February 2011: Featured in Western China Metropolis newspaper on discovering and correcting mistakes made at rail & city metro stations signage in western China
  • June 2009: Featured as founder of then-Civitology (China metro wiki) network as 25 China Twitter Experts You Must Follow on AdAge
  • February 2009: As founder of then-Civitology network, spoke at startup event in Shanghai.
  • October 2008: Recognised by city officials in Beijing’s civics committee for service at the Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall, which included updating rail-related information for exhibits
  • Summer 2008: Featured by the BBC and Wast Street Journal Asia on the Beijing Subway and the city of Beijing around the Beijing Olympics
  • Late 2007: Featured as lead quote for That’s Beijing article as founder of Beijingology. Also began blogging with City Weekend on Beijing-related topics, mainly infrastructure

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