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Tracking China is your first and best resource on travelling the rails in China — be it by city metro or high speed rail.

Tracking China was created by David Feng, who had been on the move on the tracks since 2007. An erstwhile road roamer, he was put off by Beijing’s spectacularly chaotic traffic jams, and in late 2007, when the new Subway Line 5 opened, revolutionising north-south travel in the Chinese capital, he joined the crowd underground. The rapid expansion of China’s HSR network, with new trunk lines designed for speeds up to 350 km/h (218 mph), means that he is more likely to be found on a long-distance HSR service than at China’s airports.

Tracking China comes to you as the new, unified presence of David’s former rail-related web sites. These included Beijingology (2006–2012), Beijing A to B (2008 and 2009), Civitology (2009–2012), MobileMetro.mobi (2009–2010), and the blogs Random Jaunts (early 2009) and Dear Passengers (2010–2012).

This website is currently undergoing a major expansion, and a lot of new content should be with you by early September 2015.

Enjoy the site — and as always, keep up to date with our new site updates via Tracking China‘s Facebook page.

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