China to Open Nearly 5,000 km of HSR Lines in 2019

At least 4,447 km. We’ve done the number crunching and this is how the figures look. So let’s hope you’ve a visa or residence permit valid for quite a while, because those new lines will connect you to many key destinations across China.

(Why not an exact figure? The expansion of the Pearl River Delta/Greater Bay Area intercity network might still involve “newer-still surprises”…)

Without further ado, here’s what we’re looking for this year:

  • Anshun-Liupanshui ICR: 118 km, 250 km/h, Anshun (安顺) to Liupanshui (六盘水) via Lengba (冷坝). Southwestern China.
  • Beijing-Xiong’an ICR: Beijing-Daxing Airport part only, 250 km, 69 km. Northern China.
  • Beijing-Zhangjiakou HSR: 174 km, 350 km/h, Beijing to Zhangjiakou (张家口) via Badaling and Shacheng/Huailai (沙城/怀来). Will include branches to Central Yanqing and Taizicheng skiing resorts for 2022 Winter Games. Northern China.
  • Chengdu-Guiyang HSR: 515 km, 250 km/h, Chengdu (成都) to Guiyang (贵阳) via Yibin (宜宾), Weixin (威信; not WeChat!), and Qianxi (黔西). Southwestern China.
  • Datong-Zhangjiakou HSR: 142 km, 250 km/h, Datong (大同) to Zhangjiakou via Yanggao (阳高). Northern China.
  • Hohhot-Zhangjikou HSR: Ulanqab-Zhangjiakou part only, 161 km, 250 km/h, Ulanqab (乌兰察布) to Zhangjiakou via Xinghe (兴和). Northern China.
  • Meizhou-Chaoshan HSR: 123 km, 250 km/h, Meizhou (梅州) to Chaoshan (潮汕) via Fengshun (丰顺) and Jieyang (揭阳). Southeastern China.
  • Nanchang-Ganzhou HSR: 416 km, likely 350 km/h, Nanchang to Ganzhou (赣州) via Xiajiang (峡江), Ji’an (吉安), and Xingguo (兴国). Central and Southern China.
  • Qianjiang-Zhangjiajie-Changde Railway: 339 km, 200 km/h, Qianjiang (黔江) to Changde (常德) via Longshan (龙山), Zhangjiajie (张家界), and Niuchehe (牛车河). Mostly Southern China.
  • Shangqiu-Hefei-Hangzhou HSR: 378 km, 350 km/h, Shangqiu-Hefei part only, Shangqiu (商丘) to Hefei (合肥) via Fuyang (阜阳) and Huainan (淮南). Central and Eastern China.
  • Southern Shandong HSR: 242 km, 350 km/h, Qufu (曲阜) to Rizhao (日照) via Linyi (临沂). Eastern China.
  • Wuhan-Shiyan HSR: 399 km, 350 km/h, Xiaogan (孝感) to Shiyan (十堰) via Xiangyang and Wudangshan (武当山). Central China.
  • Xuzhou-Yancheng Railway: 316 km, 250 km/h, Xuzhou (徐州) to Yancheng (盐城) via Suqian (宿迁) and Huai’an (淮安). Also, a connecting route via Guannan is also planned to enter service. Eastern China.
  • Yinchuan-Zhongwei HSR: 212 km, 250 km/h, Yinchuan to Zhongwei (中卫) via Yinchuan Airport, Wuzhong (吴忠), and Zhongning (中宁).
  • Zhengzhou-Fuyang HSR: 277 km, 350 km/h, Zhengzhou to Fuyang via Xuchang (许昌), Zhoukou (周口), and Jieshou (界首). Central China.
  • Zhengzhou-Wanzhou HSR: 388 km, 350 km/h, Zhengzhou-Xiangyang only, Zhengzhou to Xiangyang (襄阳) via Pingdingshan (平顶山), Nanyang (南阳) and Dengzhou (邓州). Central and Southwestern China.

Additionally, High Speed services are also likely (albeit at lower speeds) for the expanded Chengdu-Kunming Railway via Panzhihua (攀枝花). Also, the Dunhuang-Golmud Railway, which is slated for an earlier opening of September 2019, will trim a full 2,000 km off the rail route from Ürümqi, Xinjiang to Lhasa, Tibet, making direct rail services possible as well.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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