Eastern China-Kunming in 9 Hours: Shanghai Rail Reveals New Timetable Effective 05 January 2017


Official information from Shanghai Rail reveals that the Shanghai-Kunming HSR, which is slated to open in full on 29 December 2016, as per the latest plans, will be part of the new national railway timetable effective from 05 January 2017. Here’s a look at the highlights of the new timetable, which is valid for connections to and from Eastern China around the Yangtse River Delta (mostly Shanghai, Nanjing, and Hangzhou, but also Hefei).

Eastern China-Kunming in as little as 9 hours

The following are new train services from Shanghai/Nanjing to Kunming South (Kunmingnan):

  • Train G1374: Kunming South (Kunmingnan) – Shanghai Hongqiao
  • Train G1375: Shanghai Hongqiao – Kunming South
  • Train G1379: Nanjing South (Nanjingnan) – Kunming South
  • Train G1380: Kunming South – Nanjing South

All trains being added as above are expected to run via Hangzhou East (Hangzhoudong) Railway Station. Nanjing trains will not serve Shanghai.

The following train services will be extended to serve Kunming South:

  • Train G285: Ji’nan West (Ji’nanxi) – Kunming South, now extended from Guiyang North (Guiyangbei)
  • Train G286: Kunming South – Ji’nan West, previously originating from Guiyang North
  • Train G1371: Shanghai Hongqiao – Kunming South, now extended from Huaihua South (Huaihua’nan)
  • Train G1372: Kunming South – Shanghai Hongqiao, previously originating from Changsha South (Changsha’nan) as former Train G1358
  • Train G1373: Shanghai Hongqiao – Kunming South, now extended from Changsha South
  • Train G1376: Kunming South – Shanghai Hongqiao, previously originating from Huaihua South
  • Train G1377: Nanjing South (Nanjingnan) – Kunming South, now extended from Guiyang North as former Train G1325
  • Train G1378: Kunming South – Nanjing South, previously running the Guiyang North – Shanghai Hongqiao service as former Train G1324
  • Train G1421: Hangzhou East (Hangzhoudong) – Kunming South, now extended from Huaihua South
  • Train G1422: Kunming South – Hangzhou East, previously originating from Huaihua South

Trains running between Eastern China and Kunming should take between 9 to 12 hours, depending on the length you are travelling. This may not mean a Shanghai-Kunming train will always take 9 hours!

22 New Trains (11 pairs) from Eastern China to Rest of China

22 new trains (11 pairs of trains) will now connect Eastern China with the rest of the country. These include:

  • To / From Bengbu South (Bengbunan): Guangzhou South (Guangzhounan)
  • To / From Hangzhou East: Cangnan, Xiamen
  • To / From Hefei: Anqing
  • To / From Nanjing South: Cangnan, Fuzhou South (Fuzhounan), Kunming South
  • To / From Shanghai Hongqiao: Kunming South, Pingxiang North (Pingxiangbei)
  • To / From Xuzhou East (Xuzhoudong): Guiyang North
  • Other Services and Destinations: Beijing South (Beijingnan) – Shangqiu

There will be one train going in each direction every day on the routes above. This is addition to the existing train services, except for the Kunming services as described further above.

More Trains Throughout Eastern China

There will also be more services running within Eastern China, as follows:

  • Trains G7641 and G7642 running the Nanjing South – Cangnan services
  • Trains G7345 and G7346 running the Hangzhou East – Cangnan services

There will be one train per direction as per the services above.

Trains G7325 and G7326 will now become Trains G9301 and G9302 and will run daily on the Shanghai Hongqiao – Wenzhou South (Wenzhounan) services. They used to operate only during peak travel periods.

Finally, three new trains in each direction (totally six daily) will run between Hefei South (Hefeinan) and Anqing. These will be Trains G9501–G9506. Trains G9235–G9238, which run the Shanghai Hongqiao – Tongling services, will now be extended form Tongling to Chizhou.

The Guizhou-Kunming part of the Shanghai-Kunming HSR is expected to enter service in late December 2016. (Therefore, this new timetable is not obligatorily indicative of the precise time the new extension will start service.)

Please be sure to check with official rail sources regarding the precise, reconfirmed date of opening of a new railway line. Tracking China will also endeavour to keep you updated on this.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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