Qinghe Railway Station To Be Temporarily Closed Starting 01 November 2016


Qinghe Railway Station will close to all passenger traffic as it is readied for the upcoming Beijing-Zhangjiakou HSR, which is slated to open in late 2019. As of 01 November 2016, it will no longer be served by any railway train service.

The station itself will change from the current “hut” station to a huge, new, modern complex, with connections to new high speed services, and connections to Beijing Subway Lines 13, 19, and the Changping Line southern extension. Also, it will become a station of origin / destination, in addition to some services starting from, or ending at, Beijing North (Beijingbei) station, further south on the line. It is planned that 60% of all trains will start or end at / from Beijing North, with the others starting or ending at / from Qinghe.

The current station will be completely torn down and be replaced with a new station with 4 platforms. It will have both above-ground and underground stations. The new station will also be a bus hub, with city bus connections in addition to subway links.

All Suburban Railway Line S2 trains will in the meantime be diverted to Huangtudian, which can be accessed from Line 13 (closest station: Xi’erqi) by taking a northbound train to Dongzhimen, then getting off at Huoying Subway Station, leaving via Exit G4 to the interim terminus, 110 metres due south-east of this exit. All other Chinese national railway strains will be diverted to Changping North (Changpingbei) Railway Station, also accessible from Xi’erqi Subway Station on a northbound Changping Line train to Changping Xishankou, then exiting at Changping Subway Station for local Changping Bus Routes 32 to 66 until Changping Beizhan bus stop.

The station will open at a later time in its refreshed and massively expanded version.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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