New Timetables on 15 May 2016: Zhengzhou Rail to Offer More Regional Trains

This update is from People’s Railway Daily.
This is the official national railway newspaper for China.

Zhengzhou Rail will operate 34 new regular rail trains (17 pairs) running long-distance services and an additional 22 late-night CRH trains (11 pairs). In addition, an extra 10 trains (5 pairs) will operate during periods of high demand, such as over weekends. This will mean that Zhengzhou Rail will soon operate a grand total of 235 trains (117.5 pairs).

Of these trains, 14 of them (7 pairs) will be new regular rail train services to regional destinations and cities across China. These new services include trains running on the following routes:

  • Anyang – Beijing West (Beijingxi)
  • Changzhi North (Changzhibei) – Suzhou
  • Luoyang – Nantong
  • Luoyang – Shaoxing
  • Nanyang – Yantai
  • Xinxiang – Changsha
  • Xinxiang – Zhoukou

Furthermore, Zhengzhou Rail will also operate new HSR train services to destinations further afield, including from Zhengzhou to Harbin and Dalian in northeastern China.

Please be sure to check specifics of when your train is about to depart or arrive at a station, especially during the first few days of the new schedule.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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