Beijing Releases More Details on Planned Subway Line 17

Yizhuang Line Works

A new, 50 km (31 ¼ mile) line between the Future Tech Park (未来科技城) in southern Changping and Yizhuang is being planned, according to the rail planners. The places this line will run through puts it pretty much on the same level of importance as Line 4, which goes through the universities, national library, zoo, commerce centres, city parks, and the suburbs, connecting three railway stations through its trek.

The L-shaped line will have 20 stations (although it used to have 21; Yonganli North station, which is in the centre of the Beijing CBD, has been controversially removed). Half of these will be interchange stations — in essence making it as interchange-rich as Line 9, but short of the “all-but-Pimlico” connectivity of London’s Victoria line.

The following stations are planned:

  • FUTURE SCIENCE PARK NORTH (Weilaikejicheng Beiqu) 未来科技城北区
  • Future Science Park South (Weilaikejicheng Nanqu) 未来科技城南区
  • Tiantongyuan East (Tiantongyuandong) 天通苑东
  • Qingheying 清河营
  • Yongshiying 勇士营
  • Wangjing West (Wangjingxi) 望京西 — change to Lines 13 and 15
  • Taiyanggong 太阳宫 — change to Line 10
  • Xibahe 西坝河
  • Xiangheyuan 香河园
  • Beijing Workers Stadium (Gongren Tiyuchang) 工人体育场 — change to Line 3 (under construction)
  • Dongdaqiao 东大桥 — change to Line 6
    Yonganli North (Yonganlibei) 永安里北 station no longer in plans
  • Yonganli 永安里 — change to Line 1
  • Guangqumenwai 广渠门外 — change to Line 7
  • Panjiayuan West (Panjiayuanxi) 潘家园西
  • Shilihe 十里河 — change to Lines 10 and 14 (note: Line 14 trains coming to this station as of late 2015)
  • Chaoyang Port (Chaoyanggang) 朝阳港
  • Beishenshu 北神树
  • Ciqu North (Ciqubei) 次渠北
  • Ciqu 次渠 — change to Yizhuang Line
  • Yizhuang Railway Station South (Yizhuang Zhan Qianqu Nan) 亦庄站前区南

Future lines are also planned to be built, thus eventually bringing the total number of interchange stations to 10.

The new trains will use wide-body (Type A) trains and be consisted of 8 carriages — not unlike Shanghai Metro Lines 1 or 2, but also Beijing’s Line 16 that is being built. Trains will run daily from 05:00 through to around 23:00, and the system is ready for a train every 2 minutes — that’s 30 trains per hour per direction.

This will be one of Beijing’s express subway lines, with another Line 19 planned to be at least the second such line. As it is an express line, trains will run for a distance double to that of ordinary lines: up to 2 ½ km (just over 1 ½ miles) between stations. Speeds will also go up from 80 km/h (50 mph) for ordinary city lines to 100 km/h (62 ½ mph) for this new line.

Line 17 will run through the city and suburban districts of Changping, Chaoyang, Dongcheng, and Tongzhou, in that order, and be ready for the general public by 2019.

The image used is an image of the Yizhuang Line under construction. It is not a picture of Subway Line 17 construction works sites.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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