Hefei-Fuzhou HSR Opens; More Trains Coming 01 July 2015

Fuzhou Railway Station

The Hefei-Fuzhou High Speed Railway opened on Sunday, 28 June 2015, to huge crowds, even though full services to destinations outside of the new line will commence only on 01 July 2015. This line was originally “under threat” to be downgraded to a 250 km/h (156 mph) line, but fortunately, it ended up a full, 350 km/h (218 mph) line.

The full list of stations is in the collapsible table below.

    Change for Shanghai-Wuhan-Chengdu HSR and trains to Bengbu South and Beijing South
    Transfer to Hefei Metro Line 1 (being built)

  • Changlinhe 长临河
  • Chaohu East (Chaohudong) 巢湖东
  • Wuwei 无为
  • Tongling North (Tonglingbei) 铜陵北
  • Nanling 南陵
  • Jingxian 泾县
  • Jingde 旌德
  • Jixi North (Jixibei) 绩溪北
  • Shexian North (Shexianbei) 歙县北
  • Huangshan North (Huangshanbei) 黄山北
  • Wuyuan 婺源
  • Dexing 德兴
  • Shangrao 上饶
    Change for Shanghai-Kunming HSR
    Change for Shanghai-Kunming Railway and trains to Qianshan West

  • Wufushan 五府山
  • Wuyishan North (Wuyishanbei) 武夷山北
  • Wuyishan East (Wuyishandong) 武夷山东
  • Jian’ou West (Jian’ouxi) 建瓯西
  • Nanping North (Nanpingbei) 南平北
  • Gutian North (Gutianbei)古田北
  • Minqing North (Minqingbei) 闽清北
  • FUZHOU 福州
    Change for Southeastern Coastal HSR and services to Nanchang West
    Change for Fuzhou-Hengfeng Railway
    Transfer to Fuzhou Metro Line 1 (being built)

Here is a list of connections from other major Chinese cities that will run as of 01 July 2015. Nearly all of them will use the new HSR line.

To / From Beijing

TrainDepartsDep TimeDestinationArr Time
G27Beijing South
G28Fuzhou09:52Beijing South17:36
G33Beijing South11:15Nanchang West
G38Nanchang West08:30Beijing South17:58
G301Beijing South10:40Fuzhou19:58
G302Fuzhou07:00Beijing South16:18
G303Beijing South12:30Fuzhou21:40
G304Fuzhou12:13Beijing South21:41
G321Beijing South08:40Xiamen North
G322Xiamen North07:20Beijing South18:23
G323Beijing South10:10Xiamen North
G324Xiamen North09:02Beijing South20:13
G325Beijing South12:05Xiamen North
G326Xiamen North11:00Beijing South22:19

To / From Tianjin

TrainDepartsDep TimeDestinationArr Time
G329Tianjin West
G330Fuzhou09:46Tianjin West18:56

To / From Shanghai

TrainDepartsDep TimeDestinationArr Time
G1507 / G1510Huangshan North
14:33Shanghai Hongqiao18:56
G1509 / G1508Shanghai Hongqiao08:27Huangshan North13:13
G1631Shanghai Hongqiao07:54Fuzhou12:22
G1632Fuzhou08:00Shanghai Hongqiao12:36
G1633Shanghai Hongqiao12:25Fuzhou17:15
G1634Fuzhou08:55Shanghai Hongqiao13:42
G1635Shanghai Hongqiao14:36Fuzhou19:08
G1636Fuzhou12:25Shanghai Hongqiao16:52
G1637Shanghai Hongqiao15:20Fuzhou20:17
G1638Fuzhou12:45Shanghai Hongqiao17:23
G1639Shanghai Hongqiao17:25Fuzhou22:11
G1640Fuzhou17:50Shanghai Hongqiao22:35
G1651Shanghai Hongqiao06:58Xiamen North
G1652Xiamen North07:57Shanghai Hongqiao14:38
G1653Shanghai Hongqiao08:16Xiamen North14:40
G1654Xiamen North13:35Shanghai Hongqiao20:27
G1655Shanghai Hongqiao09:25Xiamen North15:44
G1656Xiamen North14:09Shanghai Hongqiao20:52
G1657Shanghai Hongqiao10:19Xiamen North16:45
G1658Xiamen North16:15Shanghai Hongqiao22:44
G1659Shanghai Hongqiao12:58Xiamen North19:43
G1660Xiamen North17:06Shanghai Hongqiao23:11

To / From Guangzhou

TrainDepartsDep TimeDestinationArr Time
G635Hefei South
14:25Guangzhou South
G636Guangzhou South09:12Hefei South18:03

To / From Shenzhen

TrainDepartsDep TimeDestinationArr Time
G1601Hefei South
09:30Shenzhen North
G1602Shenzhen North08:50Hefei South18:41

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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