01 July 2015 New Schedules: New Trains from Zhengzhou Station

Zhengzhou Railway Station during peak hours

In brief:
There will be new trains via Zhengzhou to Baotou, Nanning, and other destinations.

Chinese railways will operate under a new and vastly improved schedule as of 01 July 2015.

If you will be travelling via Zhengzhou Railway Station (郑州站), here are the new and improved train services from this station:


  • Train G850 (also known as Train G847) from Luoyang Longmen to Guangzhou South (Guangzhounan) will be operating. This train will change train codes around the Zhengzhou area.
  • Train K620 from Chongqing North (Chongqingbei) to Beijing West (Beijingxi) will now be operating as Train Z96. This train will now run via Yichang and Hankou on the faster line before returning to the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway. There will also be a return service, Train Z95, running in the opposite direction. (This was known hitherto as Train K619.)
  • Train Z335 from Baotou via Zhengzhou to Nanning will be operating as a new service. This train will run via the Jining-Baotou, Zhangjiakou (Kalgan)-Jining, Fengtai (Beijing)-Shacheng, Beijing-Guangzhou (Canton), and Hengyang-Liuzhou Railways, and an accelerated part from Liuzhou to Nanning. There will also be a return service, Train Z336, running in the opposite direction.


  • Train K457 (with a return service, Train K458) from Zhengzhou to Zhanjiang will, as advertised, be extended to Haikou via ferry services.
  • Train K890 (also known as K889) from Xining to Zhengzhou will now be extended to Hefei, and will run as a T train, which will be of a faster service category. This train will know be known as T390 (also T387), and for the return journey, T388 (also T389).
  • Train K1608 (also known as K1607) running between Lanzhou and Shanghai will now be run faster. It will now be known as Trains Z218 (also Z217).
  • Train T159 (also known T160) running between Qingdao and Guangzhou (Canton) will now be run faster. It will now be known as Trains Z167 (also Z168) and extend service through to Guangzhou (Canton) East (Guangzhoudong).


  • Trains K919 and K920 between Hankou and Tianjin will be rerouted. They will now run on the parallel Beijing-Kowloon Railway. These trains will no longer call at Zhengzhou.
  • Trains K362 and K361 between Yinchuan and Shanghai will be rerouted. They will run via another route between Baoji and returning to the Longhai Railway.

There will also be some improvements to peak hour trains concerning services to and from Beijing West, Xi’an North (Xi’anbei), Jiaozuo, and Songchenglu.

For more information, check with railway staff at your station.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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