Trains to / from Chengdu and Chongqing Hit by Inclement Weather

We are sorry inform travellers on the go that due to inclement weather due to heavy rains, the following service on the Chongqing-Lichuan Railway are seeing delays, reroutes, cancellations, or are getting cut back in service. According to information from Chongqing Railway Station, these affect the following services on 17 June 2015:


  • Train D368 (also D365) from Chengdu East (Chengdudong) to Wuhan
  • Train D634 (also D631) from Chengdu East to Wuhan
  • Train D658 (also D655) from Chongqing North (Chongqingbei) to Ningbo
  • Train D2214 (also D2211) from Chongqing North to Shanghai Hongqiao
  • Train D2218 (also D2215) from Chongqing North to Shanghai Hongqiao
  • Train D2228 (also D2225) from Chongqing North to Fuzhou
  • Train D2234 (also D2231) from Chongqing North to Xiamen North (Xiamenbei)
  • Train D2248 (also D2245) from Chongqing North to Hangzhou East (Hangzhoudong)
  • Train D2252 from Chongqing North to Hankou
  • Train D2260 from Chengdu East to Hankou
  • Train D2278 (also D2275) from Chongqing North to Wuhan
  • Train D8503 from Shizhuxian to Chongqing North
  • Train D8504 from Chongqing North to Shizhuxian
  • Train G314 (also G311) from Chengdu East to Guangzhou South (Guangzhounan)

In addition, the following trains scheduled for 18 June 2015, will also be cancelled:

  • Train D366 (also D367) from Wuhan to Chengdu East
  • Train D632 (also D633) from Wuhan to Chengdu East
  • Train D2216 (also D2217) from Shanghai Hongqiao to Chongqing North
  • Train D2226 (also D2227) from Fuzhou to Chongqing North
  • Train D2246 (also D2247) from Hangzhou East to Chongqing North
  • Train D2251 from Hankou to Chongqing North
  • Train D2255 from Nanjing South (Nanjingnan) to Chongqing North
  • Train D2276 (also D2277) from Wuhan to Chongqing North
  • Train G312 (also G313) from Guangzhou South to Chengdu East


The following trains running on 17 June 2015 will be terminated at an earlier station. You may need to change to other trains or means of transport to continue to your final destination.

The following trains will terminate at Changshou North (Changshoubei): Train G310 only

The following trains will terminate at Chongqing North: Trains D638 (also D635) D2202, D2208 (also D2205), D2224 (also D2221), D2238 (also D2235), D2244 (also D2241), D2256, D2264 (also D2261), G308

The following trains will terminate at Fuling North (Fulingbei): Trains G316 (also G317), D2266


Trains K504 (Chengdu East to Changsha) and Z50 (Chengdu to Beijing West) will be rerouted via the Dazhou-Chengdu and Dazhou-Wanzhou Railways. There may be changes to stops these trains are scheduled to make around the Chengdu and Chongqing areas.

These are all due to service interruptions on the Fuling to Lichuan part of the Chongqing-Lichuan Railway, which is hit by inclement weather. The railways are currently fixing this part of the railway line and traffic should be restored as early as possible.

If you will be travelling in these areas or on the affected trains, please check station departure / arrival screens or station notices, or ask a member of staff.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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