Shanghai Metro to See More Services and Longer Trains by 2020

Shanghai Metro Line 2

If you feel your journey on Lines 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, or 9 of the Shanghai Metro is just that bit too crowded, good news: Shentong Metro, the operator of the city’s services, has said that more trains and, in some cases, longer trains will enter service. Metro Line 2, easily one of the city’s busiest lines, will also see 8-car trains running every 2 minutes (ie: 30 trains per hour). The target mentioned is 2020.

At present, stations east of Guanglan Road are served only by 4-car trains. This means that passengers who wish to travel to Shanghai Pudong International Airport on Line 2 (thus avoiding the obviously overpriced Maglev) will have to change trains at Guanglan Road station.

The metro operator plans to introduce the longer, 8-car trains to Tangzhen (Tang Town) station, which is one stop further east. 8-car services during the morning peak hours (07:00-09:00) will then alternate between Guanglan Road and Tangzhen as easternmost termini. This will also alleviate overcrowding at Guanglan Road station. However, trains to Pudong Airport will still all start at Guanglan Road.

This means that the platforms at Tangzhen station will have to be extended — something the Shanghai Metro is doing already. Works should be complete by late August 2015, with testing, optimisation and eventual full operations coming shortly afterward.

The plans also call for full, 8-car services on the entirety of Line 2 (which at present runs from East Xujing / Xujing East via the city centre through to Shanghai Pudong International Airport). This will do away with the current obligatory change at Guanglan Road. Goals also call for minimum waiting periods between trains to be cut to 2 minutes, thereby running 30 trains per hour in each direction on the line.

This will mean further expansion works on all stations that currently do not meet the 8-car standards. Amongst these, East Xujing / Xujing East station will be expanded, as will all 7 stations east of Middle Chuangxin Road / Chuangxin Middle Road. The Chuansha depot will also see expansion works to accommodate more, newer trains.

The expansion works are expected to be fully complete within the next five years.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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