Works on Beijing Subway Line 6 Western Extension Move Ahead in Earnest

Beijing Subway Line 6

The present-day westernmost station on Line 6 is still Haidian Wuluju, which is just a few hundred metres shy of the western 4th Ring Road. However, this isn’t the final “end” for Line 6, which, in a few years’ time (as of yet, there is still no confirmed timetable for this bit) will extend to the western suburbs.

The 10.6 km (6 2/3 mi) extension brings Line 6 services to Pingguoyuan, currently the westernmost station Line 1 trains call for. There will be a total of six stations on this extension, and including the present-day Haidian Wuluju terminus, they will be:

  • HAIDIAN WULUJU (海淀五路居) — current westernmost terminus
  • Tiancun (田村) — future interchange with Line 3
  • Liaogongzhuang (廖公庄)
  • Xihuangcun (西黄村)
  • Pingguoyuan Nanlu (苹果园南路 / Pingguoyuan South Road)
  • Pingguoyuan (苹果园) — interchange with Line 1 and also Mentougou Maglev (under construction)
  • JIN’ANQIAO (金安桥 / JIN’AN BRIDGE) — future westernmost terminus; interchange with Mentougou Maglev (under construction)

There will be an average of 1.7 km (or a mile) between each station. Passengers will also be able to change to and from the Mentougou Maglev for destinations further west at two stations (Pingguoyuan and Jin’anqiao), much like they already can do so between Line 1 and the Batong Line at two stations (Sihui and Sihui East) at present.

This part will see Line 6 join up with two other west-east lines which, further east, basically run parallel to Line 6. All of the western extension will be fully underground.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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