Fast Regular Z Trains to Run Between Changchun and Xiamen as of Mid-June 2015

Late Night Z Trains

There will be a new Z train (which is the fastest non-HSR train in China) running between northeastern China and the southeastern coast next to the Straits of Taiwan. Service will commence in mid-June 2015.

Train Z102 will resume operations between Changchun in northeastern China and Xiamen in the southeast. This train will run every third day, and will take 27 hours and 44 minutes.

Information from Changchun Railway Station, the northernmost terminus for this train, states that this train will leave Changchun Railway Station at 16:15, and arrive at Xiamen at 19:59 the next day. This train will also call at the following stations enroute, so feel free to use it also as an extra train getting you from A to B:

  • Siping 四平
  • Shenyang North (Shenyangbei) 沈阳北
  • Jinzhou South (Jinzhounan) 锦州南
  • Suizhong North (Suizhongbei) 绥中北
  • Qinhuangdao 秦皇岛
  • Tianjin 天津

    and main intermediate stations through central China through to

  • Fuyang 阜阳
  • Jiujiang 九江
  • Nanchang West (Nanchangxi) 南昌西
  • Fuzhou (Jiangxi) 抚州
  • Sanming North (Sanmingbei) 三明北
  • Putian 莆田
  • XIAMEN 厦门

Train Z102 is expected to run in central, eastern, and southeastern China as Train Z103.

This train will also run from Xiamen back to Changchun on the same frequency (one train every third day). This train will leave as Train Z104 from Xiamen, and in northeastern China, will run as Train Z101. The first such service will leave Xiamen on 12 June 2015, according to information from Xiamen Railway Station, the southernmost terminus of the Changchun-Xiamen service.

This train runs for a very long distance and as a result, sleepers are most likely going to be available.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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