Dalian “Soft Opens” Metro Line 2

The city of Dalian in northeastern China’s province of Liaoning has “soft opened” Metro Line 2 today (22 May 2015). Ticket sales began at 11:18 with the line opened to the public at that time.

Line 2 will also in future connect to Dalian North (Dalianbei) Railway Station, which is the city’s HSR hub.

Here is a list of all stations on Line 2, according to the metro operator. Note that most stations use Hanyu Pinyin, but both Hanzi characters and proper English translations of station names have additionally been provided for your reference.

    More info on Line 2 (coming soon)

  • Gangwan Square (Gangwan Guangchang) 港湾广场
  • Zhongshan Square (Zhongshan Guangchang) 中山广场
  • Youhao (Friendship) Square (Youhao Guangchang) 友好广场
  • Qingniwaqiao 青泥洼桥
  • Yi’erjiu (9th December) Street (Yi’erjiu Jie) 一二九街
  • People’s Square (Renmin Guangchang) 人民广场
  • Lianhe (Union) Road (Lianhe Lu) 联合路
  • Xi’an Road (Xi’anlu) 西安路
    Interchange with Line 1

  • Jiaotong University (Jiaotong Daxue) 交通大学
  • Liaoning Normal University (Liaoshi) 辽师
  • Malan Square (Malan Guangchang) 马栏广场
  • Wanjia 湾家
  • Hongqi West Road (Hongqi Xilu) 红旗西路
  • Hongjin Road (Hongjin Lu) 虹锦路
  • Honggang Road (Honggang Lu) 虹港路
    Exit for Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport

Trains run from the Convention Centre (Huiyi Zhongxin) to Dalian Airport (Jichang) every day from 06:30 through to 21:30. In the opposite direction, services begin at 06:25 and end at 21:25.

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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