Shanghai Metro by 2020: 506 Stations, 804 Kilometres

Shanghai Metro

Although a little less impressive than Beijing’s plans (1,000+ km by 2020), China’s largest city is still not giving up its city metro network any time soon. The network is planned to grow to around twice the size of the London system by 2020.

Stats released by Shanghai Metro detail the developments:

  • Late 2014: 337 stations, 548 km (largest worldwide at present)
  • Late 2015: 366 stations, 588 km
  • Late 2017: 401 stations, 663 km
  • Late 2018: 419 stations, 688 km
  • Late 2020: 506 stations, 804 km

By late 2015, it is hoped that the following new stretches of the Shanghai Metro will open to the public:

  • Line 11: Disneyland Shanghai link
  • Line 12: Western extension, Qixin Road – Qufu Road
  • Line 13: Southern extension, Changshou Road – Changqing Road

The Line 11 link will head into Disneyland Shanghai. Line 12 will be a real metropolitan monster: it will see a further extension west from Qufu Road to the westernmost terminus at Qixin Road. It will, in fact, have twelve interchanges in a row (the one with Line 15 at Guilin Park opens by 2020). The whole line will link up with Lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, as well as the future Lines 15 and 19. (It’s obviously trying to give London’s Circle line a serious run for the money; no station on the Circle line serves “just” that line alone!).

Finally, Line 13 will connect further south to Changqing Road. In fact, the 2010 stretch of Line 13, open for the World Expo, will finally re-open to the public. Line 13 doesn’t really terminate at Changqing Road, as it will still have a further extension going south beyond that station.

Works are also beginning on all the following lines — all an integral part of the 2020 plans:

  • Line 5: Southern extension, Dongchuan Road – Nanqiao Xincheng (Nanqiao New Town)
  • Line 8: Southern extension, Shendu Highway – Huizhen Road
  • LIne 9: Eastern extension, MIddle Yanggao Road (Yanggao Middle Road) – Caolu
  • Line 10: Northeastern extension, Xinjiangwangcheng – Jilong (Keelung) Road
  • Line 13: Southern extension through to Zhangjiang Road
  • Line 14: New line from Fengbang to Guiqiao Road
  • Line 15: New line from Gucun Park to Zizhu High-Tech Industry Estate
  • Line 17: New line from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station to Dongfang Lüzhou
  • Line 18: New line from South Changjiang Road (Changjiang South Road) to Hangzhou

And what will have London gotten ready by then? A “mere” 118 km long bit of Crossrail… plus the Metropolitan line extension to Watford Junction…

By David Feng

David Feng — founder and publisher, Tracking China, a Street Level China website.

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